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Many folks say that I am techie because I'm always around the world wide web, but it's not. Unlike the real techies, I am content of having a cellphone that's already an obsolete model. By the time I can no longer properly use my cellphone, I realized that I have to buy a replacement. Going to the my favourite mall is actually the only solution for me. Going to malls is something I love. To me, mall trips are a fun experience. Aside from shopping I enjoy the various sights I see. Best of all, I always find something completely new and appealing when I visit the mall.

Going to malls is no simple task. Living in the urban jungle means confronting difficult traffic. The route planning to the malls would always be the routes with the most traffic. But I don't worry about the traffic. I know for a fact that the mall could surely have something fun in store for me. Shopping a brand new cellphone was indeed fun. I got to determine the newest models of cellphone and try some of them. I was truly wondering why I didn’t buy such cellphone earlier.

As a consequence of my limited budget, I ended up purchasing a cellphone that I can afford. I chose such cellphone since it's not just cheap but also have features that I find truly useful. After that purchase, I made a decision to hang around at the mall and continue to enjoy the day.


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